Automotive Heritage of Kokomo
While many local citizens know about the automobile heritage of Kokomo, many do not and some people don’t care, but this history is very important to who we are as a community.  These articles have appeared once a month in the Kokomo Prespective newspaper and cover many of the important events that have earned Kokomo a place in automotive history from its began in the early 1890's.  These articles were written by the hall of fame historian Dave Griffey.

Dave Griffey was born and raised in Howard County. He became interested in local automotive history in 1948 when writing a biography of Elwood Haynes as a fifth grade assignment. The Griffey family joined the Pioneer Automobile Club (PAC) in 1973 and in 1975 Dave served as the Chairman of the Haynes Apperson Festival, a position he held until 1982. In 1991 Dave became President of the City of Firsts Automotive Heritage Museum Inc., an organization desiring to open an auto museum of national prominence. With the valuable help of dedicated PAC members and other volunteers, the museum became a reality and held its grand opening in July of 1998.

Dave and his wife, Carolyn, were owners of Griffey Contracting and Dave retired in 1992.  His commitment to the community included public service as Dave served as a Howard County Commissioner for eight years.

In 2006, Dave put all of his collected information together in a book called Beyond the Pioneer, which covers all of Howard County’s local history. The Griffeys are now residents of Florida and spend the summer months in Rochester, IN.

Dave Griffey


Automotive Heritage of Kokomo
It began with an idea of a horseless carriage that Elwood Haynes could use for his personal use. View Article

Automotive Heritage - Haynes Era
In 1897 the Haynes-Apperson Automobile Company built three cars. Since the cars cost in excess of $1,000 and men were working long hours to earn six to ten dollars a week, there were not many customers. View Article

Automotive Heritage - Apperson Bros.
The Apperson farm, where the Apperson brothers grew up, was just about one mile west of Center. Elmer was the older brother and he served his apprenticeship in Kokomo at the Star Machine Works. Then he opened the Riverside Machine works close to downtown on the banks of the Lonesome River, now known as the Wildcat Creek.View Article

Automotive Heritage - Apperson Bros. Pt. 2
Edgar took another trip to Arizona in January of 1920. According to the Arizona Republic, he was one of three Kokomo men that purchased the Chalmers Transfer and Storage Company while on that trip. It was likely that Edgar was ready to move there and leave the auto business. View Article

Automotive Heritage - Jonathan Maxwell
John Dixon Maxwell was born on September 3, 1864 just east of Russiaville on what is now Indiana Highway 26. His father served in the War of 1812 and was 69 years old when he was born. View Article